Embedding evaluative thinking as an essential component of successful innovation

By Lorna Earl and Helen Timperley
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In this paper Professors Earl and Timperley summarise the major themes from their 2015 OECD paper, Evaluative Thinking for Successful Educational Innovation, OECD Education Working Paper 122, OECD Publishing, Paris.


They argue that evaluative thinking is an essential component of successful innovation and, by adopting evaluative thinking as integral to the innovation process, innovators have the tools to guide its evolution and enhance its success.


Embedding evaluation in innovation, they conclude, blends disciplined innovation and evaluative thinking at the nexus and, in this space, creativity combines with evidence and reasoned argument as innovators and evaluators work together to interpret evidence, challenge ideas and clarify their assumptions, beliefs and directions.

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2016-09-16 00:00:00