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Curriculum Co-development Project


What is the Curriculum Co-development Project?


The CSE/VIEN Curriculum Co-development Project comprises a series of Professional Learning/Workshop events. Each event combines the opportunity for teachers to build their understanding of Indigenous knowledges, histories and perspectives, with practical, hands-on workshops. In these, participants will collaborate to produce units of work and/or curriculum materials for use in their own schools and classrooms.


This work builds on the Federal Government’s Curricula Project, and supports schools to develop a relevant and sophisticated body of resources for use in their own context.




All VIEN professional Learning programs are designed to build individual teacher capacity and ensure that teachers working in schools are equipped to satisfy the mandates of Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 1.4 and 2.4.


The Curriculum Co-development Project will assist teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum. It will equip them to engage with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Cross-Curriculum Priority in their classrooms. Guided by First Australian experts in their respective fields, teachers can be confident that materials produced are both culturally respectful and pedagogically aligned to the wider learning priorities of their school.



The program has been designed for teachers in a wide range of disciplines, and will expand over time. Each event will begin with a half day Professional Learning presentation delivered by an expert in his/her area. These will be followed by Q&A and general discussion to build understanding and explore possible applications in classroom settings, in light of relevant Achievement Standards.


After lunch, participants will work in small groups to develop specific learning activities and classroom tasks. The materials produced will be shared amongst all participants and provide a strong base for the development of further materials in individual school contexts.


In some cases, digital resources and/or consultancy services by presenters will be available to participants to support their on-going curriculum development work.


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