School autonomy and system leadership: A report on themes emerging from a national invitational symposium

By Peter Cole and Keith Redman
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The authors summarise the themes, proceedings and conclusions from an invitational symposium on increased school autonomy,hosted by the Queensland Education Leadershi Institute (QELi) and the Centre for Strategic Education (CSE).  The symposium held at the end of 2011,  drew together system and sector leaders from government and non-government settings, with leaders of national professional associations and key national agencies.

The paper refers to: emerging evidence on school autonomy in high-performing/fast-improving systems; the implications for achieving the highest-quality teaching and learning at local and system levels; the Federal Government’s policy in this area; and examples of current practices and the latest developments, operationally and strategically, in jurisdictions across the country.

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2012-02-01 00:00:00