Women in school leadership: Journeys to success

Compiled by Dr Jim Watterston
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Twelve women reflect on their personal and professional journeys to school leadership, the barriers they have overcome, the successes they have achieved and what they have learned along the way.  The stories that they tell about their experiences, and the advice that they offer to those who might follow in their footsteps, provide inspiration for any teacher who might aspire to school leadership - or who may not have considered that possibility previously.  

This unique collection was compiled by Dr Jim Watterston, past Chief Executive of the Department of Education and Training (DET) in the Australian Capital Territory, who invited and encouraged the writers to share their stories.  In his foreword he encourages prospective school leaders to consider their own futures in light of what these successful women have to say.

Dr Barbara Watterston, Deputy Director at the Centre for Strategic Education, also provides an overview of the context for women in school leadership, taking into account the findings from research both in Australia and overseas. 

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