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Our range of consulting projects continue to encompass both Australian and global education activity from pre-school to tertiary level, consistent with a network approach operating in learning eco-systems. 

The forms of consultancy include thought leadership, convening, (often at system level) and advocacy for new directions in learning and educational leadership

2023 cse PROJECTS


A selection of our consultancy projects for 2023

Google Education

Series of Papers and Webinars focused on Educational Transformation involving System Leaders in Australia, New Zealand and the Asian region

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Advice on national and international strategy

Learning Creates Australia

An intermediary focused on the broader recognition of learning


A global south and global north leadership network focused on the transformation of learning

Southern Cross University & The University of South Carolina

An international project focused on the redesign of the teaching profession

The University of South Carolina & The Learning Policy Institute, California USA

Program of work focused on new forms of teacher leadership for whole child development

Association of Independent Schools South Australia

Program of international work focused on learner agency

South Australian Department of Education, Office of the Chief Executive

Program of work focused on system leadership in the public interest

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