Learning in a Floating world of disciplines

By Michael Bunce

"The vibrant potentiality in learning described in MetaPraxis, and concepts of agency central to the work of ALab, are equivalent calls to action, to seek possibility with purpose and responsibility. "

Author – Michael Bunce

About the PAPER.

The MetaPraxis Project has involved 12 schools in Adelaide, South Australia, working to facilitate the conceptualisation, design and leadership of interdisciplinary learning projects, in which a central focus has been the development of meta-intelligence. Here, the author presents a story of critical partnership: layers of dynamic, agentive and collaborative learning, between MetaPraxis teams and their schools and communities; between teachers, between teachers and students, and between students. Including comment from participants, he charts a journey of transformation, as schools unpacked the philosophy, practice and products of MetaPraxis. The story is being continued by schools through websites, podcasts, a symposium and further evolution of their metapraxis.

About the author.


Michael Bunce is an educator and interdisciplinary artist whose work is located at the intersection of learning design and innovation, interdisciplinary arts practice and learning, and technological innovation.

Michael currently leads the Masters in Global Learning Futures and the Masters in Sound and Music at the University of East London, as well as the Impact Mapping Research Project. Since 2019, he has also led the MetaPraxis Project with AISSA in Adelaide and acted as a critical friend to Charles Leadbeater’s Agency Lab. Michael and Charles will be co-leading the Learning Impact Project (learningimpact.org) in Adelaide between 2022 and 24.

Michael has taught, presented and performed for universities and arts organisations in the UK and Europe, North and South America, and Australia, as well as working as a Music Director for the National Youth Theatre, as Creative Designer and Project Lead for the National Trust, as Senior Tutor for the Drake Music Project, and as an independent composer, music producer, and interdisciplinary artist.

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