CSE’s current signature publication program is the Leading Education Series with a focus on the future of learning and educational leadership at local, national and global levels. With a back catalogue of literally hundreds of publications, CSE has been at the forefront of the production of papers and reports addressing all dimensions of educational research, policy and practise K-12, further and high education and life long learning.

Fellowship Program

CSE has established the Mercer House Trust to promote a grant based Fellowship program encouraging intergenerational school leadership to explore how the educator profession can adapt to a fast changing environment in which learning takes place any-time any-where in formal and non formal settings, characterised by variations in the use of time, space and people. Remodelling and reimagining a more diversified workforce, involving partnerships with allied professionals is an imperative if we are to ensure that learning takes place for all young people in all settings.

LERNA CSE Leadership Program

CSE has for many years provided leadership, learning and development programs encompassing conferences, seminars, workshops and short courses. Now in partnership with LERNA, CSE has developed a series of online modules to form a high quality interactive online leadership program focused on the development of strategic intent – perhaps the most crucial area of focus for educational leaders as they consider the vision, mission and purpose of their respective educational organisations. The modules are informed by both the current practises of high performing education systems and the emergence of innovative approaches to new directions in learning..


CSE has a long track record of providing consultancy services to education organisations, agencies, departments and ministries, sector authorities and schools – at local, state, national and international levels. CSE’s current focus is on support for networks and collaborations rather than single institutions.

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